Saturday, January 07, 2006

siberry sale


hub and i just got back from jane siberry's house, where she's selling off a lot of things she wants to clear away. it was quite odd, being in her house, with her there [p and i know jane from the early 1990s when i did her website for a few years], but so fascinating. not at all what i expected.

p bought a microphone and a filing cabinet, because he needs them both.

i bought jane's copies of her collaborations with hector zazou, nigel kennedy and takafumi sotoma. there were little signatures or other surprises in almost each one. i gave jane's books on japan and learning japanese a new home. [one day, i WILL get to japan] they're annotated. i love that. i bought a few choice delights for Shannon who shares my love of Siberry. one of them is making my skin itch, but it's really beautiful and i know Shannon will love it.

for me, a faux-fur collary thing. big like a wrap with a single button. and my quiet treat of the day: jane's copy of shawn colvin's fat city. which jane signed for me.

anyone who understands WHY this is a special treat gets bonus points.

i don't know if jane is leaving toronto, or just downsizing and purging. i hope she keeps some kind of presence here. having her in this city makes it feel better, somehow.