Thursday, January 12, 2006

The summer issue...

I just sent a longer version of this note to the Knitty designers' list. Wanna know what we're up to?

The summer theme has been chosen. This year, our summer issue will be the Extremities issue. That means we want things for the ends of bodies. Hands, feet, heads. Whatever.

A week after I sent in my column for the spring Interweave, which is about socks, I noticed that the Purling Ps declared this year 200Sox, which amuses me beyond words. Clearly great sock patterns will be a big part of the issue. There is nothing nicer than handknit socks, especially if they're made for you by someone who loves you.

Our spring issue will have lots of fun summer wear as well, so don't fret. People get cranky about themes if they don't suit them, but almost all of us have extremities to knit for.

I'm looking forward to a creative, strange, amusing issue. Quite the Knitty thang.