Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympic knitting progress

Well, I'm on to the third and final 250yard skein as of yesterday. The width is good, but it definitely needs more depth. So at least 3-4 more repeats. I've stopped clocking the time it takes to knit each row, but I'd guess I'm at 15 minutes now. She just keeps a-growin.

The nicest part is when I take a break. I drape the WIP over my lap and am instantly warm. Some people might like it as a two-ball shawl, but the bigger I make it, the more I'm convinced that it wants to be this big.

By contrast, my Silken Charlotte's Web was HUGE with only 500 yards of the same yarn. Charlotte was a more open pattern, though. This one is such a sexy show off for the yarn.


I took knitting as an excuse to avoid doing work on No Sheep, and then worked on the book to avoid knitting. I managed to go for three days like that. Got a lot done for both.


Our rabbits are fussy eaters. I've never seen it before, or at least not in the last 12 years. They refuse spinach. They'll tolerate romaine. They quite like parsley [but only the italian kind] and carrot tops. But number one in their book are the snow pea shoots I buy at the asian grocery store. They'd sell their little bunny souls for more pea shoots. [These are the tall shoots and leaves that, eventually, peas would grow from.]

Squeeze eats the leaves first and only goes for stems when nothing else is left. Boeing'll eat anything.


What am I doing writing about rabbits? I should be knitting! I've got a medal to earn!