Tuesday, March 21, 2006


If you asked me what I was doing this evening after work, would you be surprised if I answered, "chatting up Marie Irshad, the host of Knitcast"? Cause that's what I just did!

Marie and her dishy other half are just wrapping up a short visit to Toronto [they live in Wales, see] to stock up on vinyl and yarn. I got to finally meet Ms Marie, when we took the express bus to the beach together and stopped off for a visit at the Naked Sheep.

As a result, guess what famous faux-blogger you'll get to hear interviewed on the next Knitcast? Yes, our Denny. She was adorable, funny, and you must listen. I babbled on a bit too, taking the listener on a virtual tour of the Sheep at Marie's request, with extended gushing over Charlie, the shop dog and the Fleece Artist/Handmaiden section. I've been told it'll be on the site on Monday next.

We followed that craziness up with dinner at the Goof and now my Welsh friends are on their way back to their hotel for a last sleep. They're fun people, and were very kind about my complete inability to remember that Billy Connolly is Scottish. I do know the difference, really.

Most interesting tidbits learned this evening:
- Nigella had her own chat show last fall, and it didn't go over very well. But she is still widely loved, thankfully.
- Naveen Andrews is living with Barbara Hershey. That's a stunner.

I now have a much better understanding of the difference between a Bristol and a Manchester accent. And a killer hankering to fly to Wales, raid the Colinette shop for all the Fandango I can afford and knit a robe. [it's on the podcast.]

I'd better go sleep this one off.