Tuesday, May 16, 2006

my stalker loves me

Did you know I have a stalker? I didn't either, until she introduced herself to me. Hi, Karen! As stalkers go, she's gotta be the nicest one. No death threats and she always smiles. I've even met her mom. I think I've seen Karen in at least 3 states so far...am I right?

Anyway, I recently expressed the selfish wish [while visiting the charming Knitty chat, now residing on an IRC server at blitzed.org -- don't ask me how to link that, please] that I really wanted to open my Knitty PO box and have a bunch of Nauties tumble out. Despite the silliness of the statement, Karen, my official stalker, took it upon herself to actually knit me a nautie. And it arrived last week.

It's perfect! It's pink! It has thingies growing out of its head! I love it! Thank you, Karen. It's all strung up with invisible thread and hanging over my tiny desk in my tiny office.

[and btw, the pink coily thing in the background is just a doodad that lives on my bulletin board, not an extra protrusion from my new Nautie]