Tuesday, May 09, 2006

starting fresh

Last fall, we had a life-changing experience. A car accident that could have been serious, but thankfully all that was destroyed was our car. The kayaks were on the roof that day, and they somehow survived. They're made to pop back out after impact, though I don't believe the Wilderness Systems dudes meant for us to squish them flat with a CAR. After a day in the sun, hub's was popped out and paddle-able; mine had its rudder ripped clean out at the weld so it was in dry dock until we could have it repaired.

We were fortunate enough to have good insurance, so we got a new car. But the boats? They were just previously squished reminders of a really terrifying day. Oh, and not insured.

Nevertheless, we'd decided to trade in the boats a few weeks ago, and I'd sort of found what seemed like the best candidate. Not as huge and ungainly as my first kayak [a 60lb Pungo], nor as unnecessary overkill as the 2nd [the squished Cape Horn, a much too serious boat for me]. But we didn't actually do anything about it.

Tonight, hub decided to pick me up at the office and the boat was on the roof of the car.

It's a Dagger, model name: Catalyst [yes, it's named after you J!]. 2004 model, discounted. A few feet shorter, a lot more nimble and maybe even more stable than the Cape Horn. I took it for a test paddle, and it's just absolutely right. Mine's much more aqua than the one in the picture.

Starting fresh feels good.