Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dear Kiddo [daughter of Zib],

I hear you visited the blog and were hoping to see the bunnies. Well, no pictures just yet, because I'm very busy making the magazine that your mom and her friends are so fond of, and that takes a lot of time.

But I do have some good bunny news for you: we took them to the doctor yesterday to see how they were doing overall -- they hadn't been checked since they'd had their special surgery last January. The doctor reported that Squeeze is still 1.8 lbs lighter than Boeing*, who weighs SEVEN pounds. She's not fat, she's big boned, really. She's supposed to be a Mini Rex, and they usually weigh 4 pounds. But Boeing just kept on growing, and so she's a lot longer and bigger and heavier than any Mini Rex I've ever seen. Her paws are HUGE! Anyway, they're both very good, with healthy teeth and digestive systems and good strong poopers [knock wood] .

There will be bunny pictures for you, dear Kiddo, next week, once I don't have to go this office any more. But first, I have to finish Knitty magazine, or your mom and her friends will poke me with their knitting needles.


p.s. if you and your mom got on a plane and came to my big Leap party -- which happens a week from today -- you could visit the bunnies in person and rub their little fuzzy heads. They would like that.

*Boeing and Squeeze are sisters, from the same litter. That's all I'm saying. Genetics freak me out. :-)