Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Looking for the groove

As Jillian reminds me, 8 days left after today. :-) Counting down is fun!


Meanwhile, knowing that Knitty production and book writing will soon take up the majority of my "workday", so to speak, means that my evening/weekend hours will be a little more available for fun and amusement than they have been for the past 4 years. By amusement, i mean knitting, of course.

There are stalled projects all over the tiny house we live in. I would like to resurrect them.

1. The cable/lace Trinity cardigan which stalled out last year when I think I found a big problem with the pattern adaptation. I've been steered to a local who's a whiz with a calculator and will BEG assistance.

2. My Frog Tree pullover...back finished and front stalled out because I got to the neck/armhole spot, and my brain hasn't been still enough [for a long time] to do something that requires concentration. I have the pattern and I can pick it up...just as soon as I can stay focused enough to find my row counters and actually pay attention

3. The Suss Twisted pullover, never begun. Swatched, but that's all. Pattern is in hand and I can move forward, just as soon as....[see end of point 2]

So all I'm knitting lately are socks. Even changing sock yarn is too much for my overloaded brain. I'm stuck with Fixation until I have time to calmly sit, calculate gauge and make my Sock Candy work for me.

You'll know I'm in a more peaceful place when the knitting starts to show up on the blog again. Soon.