Wednesday, October 18, 2006

2007 Knitty here!

This year was a doozy for our calendar contest. Our second year running, I found myself with an inbox overflowing with tantalizing images of every possible description. Narrowing it down to just 12 was painful and took longer than I'd planned, because choosing was just that hard.

Which only means that this year's calendar will, I hope, please you as much or more than last year's!

Congratulate our grand-prize winner: Amanda Hartrich from New York! [september] The image she sent in was so appealing [that's hers up there on the left] that every time I opened the picture to look at it, I felt warm and hugged. How could that face not win the contest?

Amanda wins the coveted position of calendar cover photo, plus a huge box of knitting books and yarn! Amanda, your box will be in the mail as soon as the calendars arrive here...early November.

And the wonderful runner-up winners -- each one will receive a copy of the calendar:
January: Jayne Wagner from South Africa
February: Kathryn Juergens from Georgia
March: Katherine Mok (pinku!) from Japan
April: Alexandra Kowalski from New York
May: Hanna Andersson from Sweden
June: Katie Schu from Massachusetts
July: Laura Middleton from California
August: Kim Laramee from Ontario [the only entry of its kind to this contest!]
September: our cover girl, Amanda Hartrich
October: Angie Moore from Pennsylvania [an instant winner for October the moment I saw it!]
November: Mavis Sew from Alberta
December: Michelle DesGroseilliers from Ontario

The honorable mention gallery will be up after this crazy Rhinebeck weekend is over. There's a ton of really beautiful pictures for you to see, so keep an eye on the blog and I'll write when it's ready.

Thanks to everyone who entered! You make the change of year something to celebrate, and yup, we'll do it again for 2008!

Want your own copy of the calendar? It's in the Knitty store right now! Enjoy!