Saturday, October 07, 2006

don't you dare say it

i have been thinking about it a *lot*. which means checking craigslist for cheap castoffs. thinking about the kind of ways i want to get my exercise in every day, since i no longer have to walk to and from the bus stop to my day job. i love to walk, but hate to leave the house clean and come back sweaty and have to start all over again. and can't leave the house immediately post-bed, cause that's just gross.

the way my brain works, i want to get up, throw on sweats, crawl downstairs with my ipod and a coffee and start doing *something* that requires little brain power, but enough effort to make it worthwhile. that something seemed, most sensibly, to be pedalling my ass off [literally] on a recumbent bike. easier on the tush, you know. then 20 or more minutes later, i can crawl back upstairs, shower and be DONE for the day with the obligatory shvitz. this i can see myself doing.

nothing affordable at craigslist, but jillian recommended the nordic track, and i'd seen a whole bunch of different affordable models at, so we went to the store. everything but the nordic track [sl 728, in case anyone cares] looked like rickety pieces of pre-garbage [aka clothes hangers], so i just sat on the posh thang, pedalled for 10 minutes and realized it was the right choice. hub also likes it, and it was marked down about $200, so that was that.

it comes next saturday. the basement spot is ready for it. all i need to do is knit some wristwarmers, because the basement is unheated and winter, she is a-comin. gosh, i wonder where i can find a pattern for wristwarmers? i know how many exercise machines turn into space hogging dustballs. this will not be the case with mine. i thought about the type of machine that would suit my lazyass exerstyle good and hard before we bought. i am really looking forward to getting ON the thang. jillian has one and has set a good example. and that's all i'm saying on the subject.

p.s. the moebius zimmermann vest is fully knit and just needs seaming. i think it's going to be really neat to wear!