Friday, October 06, 2006

evil plan


Now that the BGK2 photoshoot is 90% in the can [we have a few straggly garments to shoot later. Bad, bad designers! Full disclosure: I'm one of them. I feel bad enough already. Don't rub it in. The LK regulars know how hard I tried.], we can turn our attention to what really matters...the glory that is Rhinebeck!

To start it off right, Jillian and I signed up for Blogger Bingo, but with a twist...we're sharing a square. So you'll have to find us *together* for it to count.

Here's our button.

And lest ye think spotting us together will be a piece of cake, let us disabuse you of that notion right now. We love to hang together, but when it comes to fiber, our tastes are different [by necessity, cause of my non-wool thingy], so we'll be spottable, but not all the time. Heeeee hee hee!