Thursday, October 26, 2006

Morehouse movies!

One thing I didn't mention...Jillian, Carla and I were invited to stay at the Morehouse Merino farm. [I know! How freaking cool!] We shared the charming guest house with Deb Stoller and her assistant, Jennifer [and Chicken, the wee rescued kitty with a dribble problem]. And the highlight of our stay was the last morning, when Albrecht drove us about on bales of hay to feed the sheep. I wish I could have filmed the ride, but Carla and I were hanging on to each other so we wouldn't fall off! I believe there was hooting. :-) Movies of the sheepies on Youtube.

These are the special-needs sheepies -- the pregnant ewes and the older sheep. At the end, two of them are too shy to come in and eat. Albrecht had to go out and herd them into the pen so they could have a nosh.

Watch the dog. That's all I'll say. Just watch the dog. [This is the main flock of ewes...70 or so.]