Tuesday, October 17, 2006

not so much fear and loathing as sack of potatoness

it has been raining at a constant, incessant pace all day. it's comforting, but completely unmotivating. who wants to go out and do anything when the bed is *so* temptingly close by?

and yet things have been done. the bike is here and is being used daily. i don't particularly like exercising [huge surprise, eh? snork.], but it does work with my work-at-home schedule as i hoped it would. it's a nice transition between checking my morning e-mail and then being awake enough to actually work.

also, the rhinebeck vest is washed and ready to be assembled. just need to find colormatchy yarn, since the araucania nature cotton is suckola for seaming.

nearly ready to publish the 2007 knitty calendar! which means the fall surprise is almost ready too!

denny is brilliant, and because of her, megan and fam have a cabin to stay in at rhinebeck, and jillian and i are off the hook for the rental fee. we love you both, ladies!

boeing is asleep under the dining room hutch [yes, we know how funny it is that our rabbits like sleeping under our hutch] and squeeze is snoring in the cage.

is it that obvious where i'm headed the moment i press "publish"?

i leave you with this: a little hint for those who have the amy/jillian combo square on their blogger bingo card. this is us on the left. [i do NOT have my hand in her underpants.] come & get us, bloggies!