Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thank you for the wishes! And a little brain picking for tech advice

You guys! Thank you so much for all the birthday love. You are all amazing and reading the comments and wishes made me warm and fuzzy all weekend, as I tried to recharge my batteries on the couch at my folks' place. All very, very good. I needed that.


So, the tech thing. I'm travelling every 2 weeks for the next 3 months, and am now faced with the need for ultra-portable access to the web. Here's what I'm trying to put together: a little something that will fit in my purse that I can take wherever I go. It would have wifi, would allow me to edit HTML files [in text mode, not Word's funny HTML editor] and FTP files as well. Doesn't need to be a phone, camera, butler or manicurist. I need to be able to get a large number of html files on the thing from my Mac laptop in some way -- USB or whatever.

I have a laptop, and that's not the solution here. It's got to be a stripped-down marvel of connectivity that can go wherever I do. There are ultraportable laptop solutions, but I don't really want to go into the $1500 land of doom. I can get a new full-featured laptop for that!

Things I've looked at already:
- Newton eMate 300 (don't laugh -- if it weren't for the Newton OS that doesn't save files like a Mac OS does, it might have been the perfect solution! it's certainly cheap enough!)
- various Palm devices. Current leader, the TX, plus an external keyboard
- Blackberry Pearl...can you get an external keyboard for a Blackberry?
- HP Jornada 720 (again an eBay purchase...but would it even work?)

Does anyone use any of these (or other things I haven't mentioned) and have feedback for me? The Palm TX seems to be the winner so far, as long as I watch for the bugs and keep the software lean. I think the FTP and Wifi won't be the hard things to get; it'll be the simple text-editing of HTML files without the complication of Office's faux intelligence.

All input welcome! The comments are at your disposal.

Thank you!