Monday, October 09, 2006

thanksgiving in the knitty household

maybe not what you expected...

i've lived in this country for a very, very long time. i will not tell you how long, that's how long. and yet, after all this time, i still cannot get used to thanksgiving coming so soon after labo[u]r day.

i understand that we're a wee smidge further north here [and most of this country is WAY further north than my old country], and that harvest time comes sooner. but to me, thanksgiving was always winter-coat weather, mandatory scarves and gloves and frozen ground.

so i'm rarely in the mood for turkey by Canadian thanksgiving. this year, i made good, meaty spaghetti sauce from scratch, and the kitchen, she is a mess. but yum.


projects started today: 1 [fetching, out of Schulana Supercotton in screaming pink]

projects ignored today: 2 [ongoing widdershins/judy sock in Sock Candy, to be saved for s&b on wednesday; zimmermann vest that just needs seaming, and i don't want to mess it up]

next up, i want to do something with the can of pumpkin i bought yesterday. these look yummy, but i bet you guys have something even better. a little delectable sweetie, cookie, something that i could bake? please feel free to fill the comments with recipes. i do have a vintage 1970s avocado kitchenaid mixer, so i am fully equipped for tough mixing. :-)

also, 18 days till my birthday.