Tuesday, October 31, 2006

tomorrow night at Lettuce Knit

I have a little project for the first person to stick their hand up at tomorrow night's S&B.

It's a top-down sock pattern, to be knit in cotton/lycra [not Fixation]. The pattern was designed for a wool yarn and the manufacturer has asked me to test their pattern with their non-wool. I'm doing one pair [I'm the token toe-up girl], Jacquie [she's our experienced knitter, but a sock newbie] and so I need an experienced top-down sock knitter who can have feedback for me within a week [aka at least one sock done in that time]. You get to keep the pattern and the socks, of course!

Don't write me here. First person to approach me at LK tomorrow night after 7pm* and seriously be able to knit to the schedule above gets the goodies. And trust me...they ARE good.

*7pm. Not earlier. Trying to be fair to those who have to get downtown from wherever they work.