Monday, January 01, 2007

ciao, kiddo!

i <3 skype. i just called wendy with the skype out function [2 cents a minute to italy? are you KIDDING ME?] and got to talk to kiddo.

for kiddo, this little bunny says hi:

we picked him up in cozumel. he was the only lime green bunny in a sea of pink and red and blue bunnies. he wanted to live in canada, but he waves hello to italia!

are you afeard for the status of my Americo wrap? do not be afeard.

you see how little is left after all this knitting [an afternoon's worth]. what will it be? no idea.

i envision it as a big shoulder-loving wrap, but with only three skeins of this stuff, i might be dreaming. what i think i will do is just keep on knitting. at certain points, i will wrap the thing around me and decide if it wants to be some kind of pinnable neck wrappy thing instead. or if i am insane and it should just be a scarf [but that doesn't seem right. it's too lush to be so small.]

if need be, the store will reopen in a day or so and i will be back, debit card in hand, to get more supplies so i can knit the world's coziest wrap. yummy.

[stitch: barbara walker's twin rib]


also, there is still no snow here. or in norway, a friend tells me. listen to al gore, people. he's not making it up.


one more thing. i have 4 balls of this stuff that i want to give to someone who will do something amazing with it.

by amazing, i don't mean throwing it in the garbage [i can do that myself :-)] or wrapping their dog.

i mean turning this raw-meat yarn into what it was meant to be, whether horrible or spectactular.

write me in the comments below. best answer gets the yarn.

[what? no year-end what-i-knit wrapup post? are you kidding? i knit raw meat. time to move on to new, fresh stuff!]


also, will someone please invent a moo card frame? one where it has slots for the cards and you can add them as you collect them, move them around, etc. someone?