Tuesday, January 23, 2007

guilty pleasure confession time.

I suppose it's natural. You like an artist, so you go back in time to see what they did before you learned they exist and that you love what they do. It's perfectly acceptable in music...it's expected, really!

So why, then, did I hold back on my confession for my deep and abiding love for Felicity until now? Alias started it. Lost confirmed it. So when I realized that the formerly scorned-by-me Felicity was a product of the same twisted brain that made my two favorite shows, I found myself sitting still every Saturday at 10am, watching it. I've just watched the very last episode and I think this is the most satisfying show finale I've seen in ages.

Let's be clear. It's not about Keri Russell for me. She's cute. She's fun to watch, but she wasn't the reason I watched. The reason I got so hooked is the ensemble cast that JJ Abrams created. How messed up they are, how they interact, the stupid stuff they do. How much you can fall in love with someone who doesn't exist [Javier, I love you! Molly, make better choices! Noel, come over here and sit by me a while!]. And it's also about New York city, a place I always dreamed of living.

Because I didn't really get the bug for this show until the 2nd season, I have season one to watch now to figure out how everyone got to where they were by the time I became smitten. And because JJ Abrams is my TV god, he's currently working on What About Brian, which is totally grown-up Felicity. Love it just as much. Not quite sure about Six Degrees [which I thought was cancelled, but seems to be on some sort of hiatus...].

So there. Now you know. I love Felicity -- even the last four episodes -- and will not apologize.