Monday, January 22, 2007

hyperbole go away.

Last night, hub and i were watching tv in bed, and saw a commercial for toothpaste. On the box of toothpaste, where the name of the flavor should be, was "whitening mint experience*". It's just toothpaste, people. My head is shaking. Can you see the shaking?

At that moment, I fell more in love with knitting. Because nobody advertises their yarn as a "life-enhancing finger-soothing experience". It's all just yarn. Pick what you love, what you need, whatever suits the project, without the ridiculous promise that this yarn will be will make your world better. It's just yarn. And that's more than enough.

I salute the knitting world for avoiding unnecessary hyperbole in advertising. I love you guys.

*i checked at the drug store this evening. that same flavor of toothpaste [same exact brand] in Canada is called "mint". then again, two other flavors in a different brand were labelled "mint essence" and "fresh wave". what does that mean? i don't want my mouth to taste like spearmint or salt water. you lost me.