Friday, January 26, 2007

Knitting in the Knitty household

It continues, really! Want some proof?

I am knitting a SWEATER. Seriously. I have also recently accepted that my knitting has to be near-mindless or I just can't finish anything. So instead of an uber-flattering BGK sweater [which would require me to actually pay attention to a pattern at multiple moments], I'm using some BGK principles and knitting a super-deep V neck top-down raglan with waist shaping. If i were really keen, I'd be adding short rows. One thing at a time, people.

Here's where it is so far:

And a close up of the yarn, which you can find here. It's a great pure cotton yarn -- two strands of different colors twisted together. Knits up just have to watch that you catch both strands in every stitch.

It's lovely mindless knitting and it's making me happy. I just might get this one done this century!


Something to save for the future...a treat that came hand-dyed from Scout -- cotton and elastic sock yarn in Knitty-friendly colors!
. Two different approaches, and both are delectable! Thank you, Scout!


And an update to the post about's arrived at Jillian's place, and here it is!

Charcoal leaning toward blue. I don't get to touch it for a while, though. But I can look at sweet Henry's face and my yarn any time I want, thanks to this pic.

So there. Knitting continues, along with book writing, magazine producing and occasional laundry washing. Clearly I have my priorities straight!