Sunday, January 28, 2007

raglan continues

No pictures. They'd be boring.

I did, however, take Kristi's advice and try the thing on AGAIN. This resulted in changing the extra stitches added under the arm from 18 to 6. Why 6? I don't know. It seemed better, and 18 was definitely way too much. The front and back haven't changed, even that funny increase at the bottom of the v-neck that was required to make the front and back the same size as each other. Like I said, I'm not stressing over this sweater. But at least now it won't have elephant sleeves.


We had bananas going to waste and a box of Bisquick on the counter. As a result, banana bread is now baking in the oven. Found the recipe here, but didn't add the nuts. Don't have 'em, don't need 'em.

It smells HEAVENLY in the house.

Also, I am becoming very fond of Bisquick. It's the lazy-ass cook's enabler!


Also, snow. We have it, it's nice and thank you very much.


I have a massive craving to hit First Markham Place today. This always happens when I have a writing deadline to meet. There's something about the sensory overload of my favorite Asian mall that is happily numbing. It's like a huge tranquilizer that I step into. Plus the food court is exceptionally good and cheap.

I never manage to leave without at least one bag of goodies from the candy store [the one where the guy gives out samples as you shop and "discounts" when you check out. He's a riot, that guy], including one blind-boxed SOMETHING.

I lost my wee Lighton's Life sperm pig [it's P3 on the linked page] charm when I was in San Diego. I must replace him!


Hope everyone is having a similarly relaxing, vaguely productive but mostly fun Sunday!