Tuesday, January 16, 2007

where did i go?

I was at the big yarny trade show [they call it TNNA. I call it Rita.] in San Diego and just got back last night. A more intrepid blogger would actually post from the road, but that blogger was not me this time.

As you surely know if you've ever had to do a trade show, despite how much you *adore* the subject matter and the people you get to work with, it's still several days of nonstop walking aisles, having brief-but-effective meetings with people you rarely get to see in person, "show me what's new" at every vendor's booth and you always run out of time to see everything.

STILL...I saw a lot. It was a mighty fine show, with some wonderful offerings from your favorite yarn companies, shwag manufacturers and knitwear designers. And as always, some new treats, too. I made some new contacts for Knitty and you'll be seeing the results of those meetings in future issues.

I also got to talk to a lot of people about No Sheep For You and hear what they thought of it. Put it this way: my face hurt from all the smiling by Sunday morning.

And as for the do that started off the weekend at Knitting in La Jolla, we had a great time. A few pictures courtesy Kristi Porter's camera [thank you, Kristi!]...

[do not ask me why i look so silly. i was clearly having a good time with nathania, sandi and chloe from Purlescence.

And here's Kristi wearing the original sweater which she colorshifted for No Sheep, while reading No Sheep, looking at the sweater in its published version. Everyone went MENTAL for this sweater all weekend -- it's a pure-silk mosaic with lace sleeves. Who could blame them?

More tomorrow. I'm coming off jet lag and some kind of bug i picked up somewhere.