Wednesday, January 24, 2007

you should be so lucky have a friend like Jillian.

I was too shy [shut up; it's true] to call Habu and see if my dream kit could be made up in non-wool. Cause what if they said no? And then I would cry. I mention this to Miss J and not only does she make it happen -- she picks exactly the right yarns [Habu recommended the combination in kit 19 -- linen paper and silk!] and colors [deep greys]. And orders it on my behalf. And it'll be at her house this week.

I won't be at her house till next month, however. But that just means I'll have time to do the BGK2 writing that needs to be done before the all-consuming knitlust of working on a Habu Kit that will FIT ME and is knit in fibers that I LOVE takes over every waking moment of my life.

J and I have decided "Habu" must be the Japanese word for "love". Don't you think? She also says, "they were really, really nice" about the swapping yarn thing. So if you've been too shy like me, just call them.

Ahhh. Habu.

p.s. I finished the Americo scarfywrap two weeks ago. Maybe I'll get my ass in gear tonight at LK and get someone to snap me in it. It's super-warm. Big love!