Monday, February 05, 2007

pre-release enabling!

You might have heard me mention something about No Sheep for You, the book I wrote for Interweave Press about knitting fabulous things without wool. :-)

[It should be in the Interweave warehouse Feb 15...and they'll ship as soon as they have stock, so if you're waiting on a pre-order, you don't have much longer to wait!]

But Elann has made it impossible for me to wait so patiently...and maybe some of you? Here's why:
Tomorrow [Tuesday] at noon EST, they're releasing Queensland Cotolino - a lovely cotton/linen blend. You can get a peek at the colors here. And this specific yarn happens to be just what we spec'd for this gorgeous cabled cardigan.

I know it's a bit of a leap to order yarn without seeing the pattern in full, but I can give you some specs. The stuff is HALF OFF at Elann. I figured if you'd wanted to knit this, you'd kill me if I didn't tell you when it was available so SUPERcheap, so here you go. :-)

Specs for Cables and O's:

Finished bust measurement [inches]/Skeins required
31.5 / 9
36 / 11
40.5 / 13
45 / 15
49.5 / 16
54 / 18

The color in the pic is #17. P.S. Leave some for me, will ya?

p.s. all pictures © and courtesy Interweave Press