Tuesday, February 06, 2007

top-down raglan...light > tunnel

I've tried it on several times now. After ripping back first to the armholes to narrow them, I added waist shaping. 6 inches too low.

So I pinned, while it was on my body, to indicate where the waist should have been, took it off, ripped back to 12 rows before that and added the waist shaping. Tried it on again...and success! It shows off the boobage and then gets slim where I get relatively slim and then goes out again in the right place. Eeeee!

The only worry now is how the neck will look. It's very wide and deep (the deep is on purpose, and I expect the wide will be, too - because I plan a good 1.5" wide double-mitred neckband to stablize everything. I imagine that it will do the trick. But I won't really know till I actually knit the thing. Of course, Laura could take one look at it tomorrow night at LK and answer all my questions for me. And I expect she will. She's one of those knitters that oozes knitting expertise and information from every pore.

In exchange, I'm bringing the laptop to help her make a decent-sized PDF so she can release a new pattern.

See? Cooperation makes the world go round.

And I just ate a chocolate cupcake with palest-green peppermint frosting. THREE days old and still delicious.

p.s. also just scooped my Cotolino at Elann...and I had built up a credit, so a whole sweater's worth cost me less than $40. Woo hoo!