Thursday, February 08, 2007

you only love me for my cupcakes.

i wasn't able to make it to LK last night. you know that feeling when you're looking forward to going out and then suddenly you realize you're not going anywhere cause you don't feel quite right? that was me.

so i hear today that the only reason i was missed was the lack of cupcakes. nice.

see if i show up tomorrow night at the Dick to knit with you Drunken Knitters, then. just see. with cupcakes. and the top-down raglan that's just now got a SUCCESSFUL neckband knit into it. so there!

[i think i'm getting this taunting thing wrong.]

p.s. people who love me only for my cupcakes are missing out on all my other charming virtues, the most significant one being that i will NEVER scoff your merino or cashmere when you're not looking. can you say that of all your other knitter friends? i think not.

eta: rachel has a point. bringing cupcakes to a bar seems a bit off. don't want to piss off the delightful Dick staff that so deeply love the Drunken Knitters by bringing in external food. cupcakes will have to wait till wednesday.