Friday, July 20, 2007

all is well.

Yesterday, hub was installing a server in the house [!] so we were lean on internet for most of the afternoon.

Never mind. I spent most of the day working on Knitty things, getting ready to be offline next week when I'm teaching out west. Got a lot done. It's all thanks to Massimo [for that is his name] who is better than prozac.

Took him for another short ride yesterday aft, after the rain cleared and all is really lovely. After I rode him home the first day, I rode around the neighborhood, practising tight turns and slow driving and starting and stopping without falling over. My moped background has clearly helped me, but honestly, this is just a very rideable scooter.

For those who asked, yes, you can drive a scooter in Ontario after only taking the written M1 test. Hopefully most of us are clever enough to practise on quiet roads until we get comfortable enough to ride in traffic.

Wednesday at LK was a massive hoot. Highlight: Denny screaming at Massimo from the end of the street. Everyone made nice faces at him and petted his seat. Aleta sat on the back behind me, but I give no rides before my time. StephHarlot took pictures which I hope to share soon. :-)


Tonight is Yarn Tasting at Alterknit where we hope we'll have enough room for all of you! I know we have enough yarn.

And no, I won't be bringing Massimo. My restricted license doesn't allow me to drive in the dark, and I expect we'll be going long past dark.


One more thing: today is the last Harry Potter eve. I'm very sad about this and also totally excited to see what happens. I read a small something by accident that I'm sure is bunk, and really, I just wonder what is wrong with people that they need to spoil something that so many people enjoy. After tonight, I believe I'll be checking e-mail only until I've finished the book.

Should anyone ruin it for me, I will run them over, twice. Be warned.