Thursday, July 26, 2007

if it's Thursday, this must be Portland

Wow. This is one hell of a whirlwind trip. Wooooot!

Bainbridge Island and Churchmouse were FREAKING AMAZING. I'll have pictures for you, including a yarn opportunity I couldn't pass up. I will also have tales of ICE CREAM.

I saw nearly nothing of Seattle, which just makes me more excited to come back in May next year for Sea Socks 2008 [link on the right sidebar].

And now I'm in Portland, with a super-full day ahead of me, including a face-to-face [long overdue!] lunch with someone whose work most of you know and covet. Pictures and stories to come.

The class is WAY overfull, but if you want to come out and say hi, my schedule [meet amy on the road] on the right sidebar tells you when the casual stuff is scheduled at Knit/Purl, and you should absolutely come out! I'm really funny when I'm punchy.

Okay, time to get ready!