Wednesday, September 19, 2007

how much is too much?

So I bought a new helmet. After taking the motorcycle safety course [oh, the wonders of push steering for tight corners! I am a new woman!], I couldn't ignore the safety factor any further. Had to do it. Full-face it is, then.

If you don't wear motorcycle helmets, you might not know this: each brand is shaped differently. Round heads, oval heads, whatever. HJC seems to fit me best. This is the CL-15, affordable, fits me. Oh, and it's pink. And of course, I've got that crazy pink leopard seat cover, so there was a bit of pink overload at LK tonight.

Rachel H saw my new helmet and said she couldn't imagine a helmet being more pink than this one.

Here, Rachel. I live to serve.

P.S. My proper riding jacket is black with aqua arms. Not pink. Okay?