Wednesday, October 17, 2007

live from Oslo!

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damn. look at that sky. gotta love my canon elph. it occasionally gives me gems like this.

yes, we're here. we got here tuesday at noonish and both of us were asleep by 3pm that day. we woke up, not kidding, 11 am the next morning. we were exhausted from 12 hours in transit. it's just after 10pm on wednesday now and we're going to sleep.

but the flight over was great, thanks to our amazing 1st row seats in a brand new Boeing [!] 777 jet with more legroom than you can imagine.

so far, we're a bit confoozled in the city, but having Theresa here is so amazing. she's helped us understand the transit system and other Norwegian customs. [tonight, i figured out which bus would get us home and was right. whew.] she's also HUGE fun and seriously adorable, and i know i'm going to miss her big when we leave. but that's not for a week yet. :-)