Monday, November 26, 2007

the annoying cop of doom

the annoying cop of doom
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This is not supposed to be how it goes.

I've been spinning these silk hankies for more than a year [but only a month or so with actual intent to finish] and had my final batch to ply up.

"I'll use my Norm Hall spindle," I sez to myself. It's big and heavy and sexy. And so I began.

The whorl, which handily adjusts from top to bottom [as you wish] would not stay in place.

The cop fell apart and only the bottom hook kept it from puddling on the floor.

It was not an enjoyable experience. But the yarn, she is pretty. She look like this:

This is all I've got. That cop above, plus what's on this 1-yd niddy-noddy. I am looking forward to setting the twist and seeing just how much I really have.

Anyone with a Norm Hall spindle who has figured out how not to have this happen, please write. I'm ready to glue the whorl in place and remove the bottom hook, and that seems like a sacrilege.