Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the bag.

i have a little bag thang. a fetish. whatever. i like me some bags.

i was stunned to realized, when i got to Norway, that i had neglected to pack a purse. what kind of bag freak forgets a purse? never mind. i was hanging around with Theresa's s&b group and every one of them had a cool box-bag pouch thingy for small knitting bits and so of course, I asked the obvious. who? where? can i?

who? Felisi!
where? she's one of the Oslo s&b girls!
can i? you bet! [I think it was about $30]

Felisi makes these cool bags from great fabrics [this one is made from Ikea fabric] and they have a little divider inside, a handle and if you're the grommet type, the divider has a grommet so you can feed your yarn through.

what's that on my zipper?

a Norwegian crown [1 krone]. money with a hole in it? how cool is that? of course, i chose one with the year of our visit [2007] so I'd never forget when i was there. not that i could.

i used this bag as a purse until i got home and now it's the bag for my long-term laceweight scarf. if you want a bag from Felisi, contact her via her blog. she speaks lovely English and i know she'd be glad to sell you a bag or two.