Sunday, March 02, 2008

this is when it gets quiet around here

but since it's for a good reason, i hope you'll forgive me.

all is well! very busy, coding, thinking, planning. time for another one of those "what i'm thinking about" posts:

- did you hear the latest Cast On? [hint: i'm in a bit of it :-)]. i don't call Knitty a "zine" however. we're an online magazine. that's probably just semantics, but i'm big on semantics, me. :-) in any case, really interesting perspective from the Anticraft, Weavezine and Magknits editrixes...we should all have coffee one day. can you imagine the talk at that table?

- my mindless projects are going well, but i am aching to knit something more to wear. so it's back into active duty for cables & os. current state: one front nearly complete. the back and other front to do, plus sleeves. [this one is knit in the round to the armholes, so it's a lot less work left to do than it sounds]

- the voices that are making Knitty happen this time are rickie lee jones, patty griffin, patty larkin, dar williams, jason mraz, joni mitchell, james taylor, natalie merchant, shawn colvin, sonia dada, erykah badu and the be good tanyas.

- i believe i'll be knitting a ysolda-y slouchy beret before the week is out. in pale blue raw silk from Fiddlesticks

and that is all. back to work! [is there an emoticon for a whip cracking? :-)]