Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's What Wednesday, premier edition

A new feature begins today @ the knittyBlog: What's What Wednesday! Our intrepid roving reporter, Melissa Gow, is collecting all the stuff a web-loving fiber fanatic could want to know, and you'll find it here on Wednesday's knittyBlog. Let's go!

The UN has declared 2009 to be "The International Year of Natural Fibers".

Weaveolution plans to be a Ravelry-type social networking site for weavers. They hope to go live by spring 2009.

A fraction of an ancient spindle whorl was found in Reykjavík, inscribed with runes. The whorl dates from roughly the 11th century and the runes have been translated roughly as "Thórunn owns me". How flipping cool is that?

Welcome back Spindlicity!

Knitting fiction author Debbie Macomber has recently opened a yarn shop.

The Royal Winter Fair is shaking up their spinning competitions this year. They have dropped the traditional sheep-to-shawl challenge and are holding two new spinning competitions instead. One is for drop spindling and the other is a three-person team with a spinning wheel.

We'll be back with more news next Wednesday! [In the meantime, the usual blogness will continue :-)]