Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WWW for November 26, 2008

A little bit of everything this week, starting with the very little!

Neil Gaiman fans, you may know about the upcoming Coraline movie, but did you know about the knitwear therein? Click on the link to go to the movie's website and then enter the key SWEATERXXS to see Althea Crone's indescribably tiny sweaters knit for the characters in the upcoming stop-action movie to wear.

What, you want to see the rest of the site? Here are the rest of the keys, via Mr G himself -- glad to oblige.

stopmotion : the Biggest Smallest movie ever made.
buttoneyes : Meet the cast...
moustachio : Bo Henry, art director of Coraline, shows off his remarkable moustache tricks.
armpithair : Every hair in the film was placed there by hand...
puppetlove : Director Henry Selick explains what it must be like for the puppets in the film.

It's that time again. Rowan's announced the yarns they're discontinuing. Say goodbye to...
Rowan - 4-ply Cotton, Damask and Bamboo Tape.
RYC - Cashcotton 4-ply, Cashcotton DK, Luxury Cotton DK and Silk Cotton.

Colors to be discontinued are listed below:

Calmer - Onyx, Khaki, Tinkerbell, Powder Puff, Carnation, Mandarine
Summer Tweed - Cape, Exotic, Dew, Angel, Sprig, Orient, Blossom, Bronze
Cotton Glace - Hyacinth, Butter, Tickle, Peony, Buttercup
Handknit DK Cotton - Diana, Decadent, Slippery, Nectar, Soap
Kidsilk Haze - Elegance, Nightly, Fondant, Jacob, Violetta, Ice Cream
All Seasons Cotton - Jazz, Soul, Giddy, Citron, Framboise, Cinnamon
Naturally Dyed Organic Cotton - Lipstick Tree, Querbracho bark

Bamboo Soft - Almond

Thinking about planning a special knitting excursion for 2009? Here are some upcoming options:

- Terri Shea, author of Selbuvotter, leads the Purlaway luxury knitting retreat in Oregon next October.

- our own Tara Jon Manning, author of the Mindful Knitting series of books and much more is looking forward to the next Mindful Knitting Retreat in Vermont next March.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers, and happy Thursday eve to the rest of us!