Wednesday, February 04, 2009

WWW for February 4, 2009

Hey, y'all! Well, it's come to my attention that I'm posting these WWW updates every two weeks instead of weekly, so perhaps that should be the plan.

Okay! Yes! Starting this week, WWW News will be released every two weeks. That's what I meant.

You might remember the prosthetic breast pattern we featured in Knitty, Tit bit, which has helped many women who've undergone mastectomies feel like themselves again without having sweaty synthetic materials against their skin.

Now knitted boobs are helping in another way. Community midwives in Liverpool, UK, have started using a different sort of knitted boob to help teach new moms how to breastfeed. Read more here.

What happens when a newborn lamb is abandoned by its mama in the dead of winter? At this farm, they knit him a sweater.

On Kristin Nicholas' farm, baby lambs are plentiful and now we get to see one being born! What happens when a lamb is abandoned in winter on Kristin's farm? She brings the babies inside until they're strong enough to take the weather on their own.

In a recent WWW update, I mentioned the Bohus exhibit in Minneapolis. Now we can see pictures of the exhibit taken by Jennie the Potter. Gorgeousness!

Formerly called "Amy-Friendly Yarn", Lorna's Laces has rolled out the silk/bamboo blend in all their 134 colorways! It's now called Pearl, a very appropriate name! Yum.

The super-popular TTC [Toronto Transit Commission] Knitalong has been resurrected! The blog is still showing old news, but put it on your RSS reader so you'll get the news when it's updated. Stalk the TTC Knitalong group on Rav for more details.

They need volunteers so speak up if you're interested!

The new spring Noro yarns have been announced and, once again, non-woolly knitters like me are out of luck.

Chirimen is 60% Cotton, 24% Silk, 16% Wool.
Furisode is 45% Silk, 40% Cotton, 15% Wool.

Both new yarns exhibit typical Noro gorgeousness. Sigh. Does anyone know Mr. Noro? Could you tell him that any wool -- even 1% -- is too much for non-woolly people?

Araucania has the right idea...their new Ruca is 100% sugar viscose [that's a new one to me] and the colors are gorgeous, soft and -- dare I say it -- the yarn's color changes are a little Noro-esque.

See you with more knitting news in 2 weeks!