Monday, April 06, 2009

stop envying...just come!

Every time I tweet about a new Yarn Roundtable event, people get all greenish, covered in envy.

Well, I've just put up the next three dates, ready for your RSVPs, at the Knitty Yarn Roundtable Nights blog, so it's your chance to actually GET HERE and join in the fun!

At March's event, we had a group of online friends [knitters, yes, but they met through a non-knitting online community] schedule a meetup around our event. Everyone came from all directions, descended upon Toronto and had a blast of a weekend, with the Yarn Roundtable as the kickoff event. We had more new faces that night than return visitors!

Whether the evening is full of old friends or new faces, it's always a blast. We ransack the Knitty prize cupboard and pull out great stuff for the door prizes. And all that is in addition to the hands-on yarn experience you get with yarn you may never have seen before. Oh, and there are treats, too.

So, are you coming already?