Wednesday, April 01, 2009

WWW for April 1.5, 2009

April 1.5 because none of this is April Fool's madness. It's all true. As far as we know.

Are you one of those lucky knitting geeks with an iPhone or iPod Touch? Check out these knitting apps [some free, some not]:

Stitch Counter can manage up to 6 projects at a time, counting whatever unit you want [decreases? increases? rows? up to you!]

Stitch Minder, the original free app for knitting -- simple and elegant. Big fan base.

Measure gauge without a ruler. Brought to you by the lovely folks at Ashland Sky.

Knitting Yarn Calculator helps you figure out how much yarn you'll need if you want to knit a drop-sleeve sweater.

Looking for a not-inexpensive vacation idea? [Lucky you!] How about a cruise? Find knitting cruises, handspinning cruises and there's even a crochet cruise that leaves this Sunday!

This YouTube video of LED-covered sheep has made the rounds on the internet. Me, I don't believe it's live-action footage. There's some serious computer work involved to get those sheep moving in unison. But still, it's neat to watch.

A neat-looking folding travel wheel...the Bee. Has anyone spun on one of these yet? What do you think of it?

Adorable finger puppets to knit.

A new blog from the Knitting Out Loud audiobook people!

The author of this great article in the latest issue of Knitty is having a fundraiser. She's running a raffle on her blog to support the Canadian Cancer society -- and her husband's ride in the Ride to Survive, from Kelowna to Vancouver in one day. Prizes include Seasilk, Wollmeise [!] and more.

Have a great week and I hope the weather is fabulous where you are! My scooter is out of winter storage and I'll be on 2 energy-efficient wheels from now until the snow falls again next fall. Let's hear it for 70 mpg!