Saturday, November 01, 2008

so what's different about the blog?

Another blog!

I put the button over there on the sidebar --> about two weeks ago. The one that says Invincible? Yup, that's the brand name plaque from my huge vintage desk, and it seemed a fitting representative for what the new blog is about.

It's about stuff I love. Vintage, handmade, unique, brilliant, awesome stuff. I do read a lot of stuff blogs -- blogs where people feature things they like. But I was finding stuff on my own that never showed up in these blogs, so I took the leap. It's been 2 weeks and I'm having a blast. The posts are short, which means it's all about the stuff [as am I :-)].

The desk shown above is the find that set me off on this new bloggy journey. It's vintage army surplus, unused, and it FOLDS. Take a peek on the Very Small House blog for more about it, and all the other delicious things I keep finding. I update daily during the week.